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Little Restaurant of Horrors

Cairns Dinner Theatre


Started: 4 Oct 2018 18:30
Finished: 31 Oct 2018 21:00


$75.00 Regular Dinner & Show (3 course meal and dining experience). $90.00 Extra Scare Dinner & Show (3 course meal, a glass of bubbly upon arrival and a 100% dark room for extra scare factor.)

Diners beware you’re in for a scare! The Little Restaurant of Horrors is back for it’s third year and it’s even crazier then last year!

Diners will be ushered to their seat through a large two story haunted asylum filled with all of your favorite Halloween monsters . Keep you’re eyes open and your loved ones close as danger will be lurking around every corner.

Once seated you’ll be scared out of your skin while you attempt to dine. GOOD LUCK!

This is the most popular event we host all year round, a night that starts off scary and ends in a great night of laughs as you watch your friends jump out of their seat all night long!

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