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Great Barrier Reef Coral Spawning Expedition 2021

Divers Den - Cairns

Started: 23 Nov 2021 17:30
Next Start: 23 Nov 2021 17:30
Next End: 25 Nov 2021 23:45


Adult Snorkeler : $200, Child Snorkeler : $150 and 2x Certified Dives per person : $270

Once a year, for a few nights in late Spring or early Summer, the Great Barrier Reef turns on a spectacular and sexy festival. On these nights many corals spawn in a mass synchronised event, unlike elsewhere in the animal kingdom! Divers Den provides fun and informative trips for both snorkelers and certified divers. Come and join us for a fun filled night on the Great Barrier Reef to experience this natural phenomenon!

What is Coral Spawning?

In 1981, Australian researchers on the Great Barrier Reef stumbled across an amazing natural phenomenon. All of a sudden, millions of tiny cells began spewing out of the living corals. They poured into the water column like champagne bubbles, floating to the surface and forming a thick, pink 'slick'. 

The researchers had witnessed coral spawning, an annual event, which occurs in all coral reefs around the world. Today we know that many corals living on the Great Barrier Reef spawn about four to five days after the full moon in October or November and sometimes in December. 
Why do corals spawn after a full moon, and why do the east and west coast corals spawn at such different times of the year, despite the fact that these reefs have many species in common? 
There are three triggers that set off spawning in corals, according to coral reef expert Associate Professor Peter Harrison from Southern Cross University.

Firstly there must be a gradual rise in sea temperature, triggering the eggs and sperm to mature inside the adult coral.
Second, the lunar cycle coordinates the exact moment at which the corals release their precious cargo into the water.
The third stimulus is related to the diurnal cycle - coral need the darkness of night to do the wild thing!


Available : Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 November

Duration : 5.30pm - 11.45pm (check-in 5pm)

Departure/Return Location : Cairns Marlin Marina


Included in your trip:

  • Guided snorkel sessions
  • Full dive/snorkel equipment including torches, wetsuit/lycra suit and prescription masks
  • Equipment tuition
  • Dinner
  • ​Tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Hot freshwater showers


Locals Discount Available on rates - Local ID must be presented. Failure to do so will lead to being charged full price. 


Prices per person:

  • Adult Snorkeler - $200 
  • Child Snorkeler - $150
  • 2x Certified Dives (per person) - $270
  • 2x Certified Dives (per person) - Tanks & Weights only - $240

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