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Night Walk in Cairns Botanic Gardens

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Occurs Weekly

Started: 18 Aug 2021 19:00
Finished: 30 Mar 2022 21:00


$48.00 per person | Save: $12.00

A regular Night Walking Tour in the heart of Cairns through the rainforest boardwalk of the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

“Night Walks are a fantastic opportunity to see some animals we rarely see!” Says tour creator Bridgette Gower. “From frogs to beetles, spiders and crickets, this tour is a welcome addition for visitors to Cairns as well as something new for locals to experience.” 

A chorus of frog croaks, cricket chirps and cicada buzzes welcomes you as the rainforest comes to life at night.

The tour will introduce you to the much-loved White-lipped tree frog, Northern stony creek frogs (above), and many other species of amphibians. For those who like spiders, there are many that can be seen on the tour such as Net-casting spiders, Garden orb-weavers and Huntsmans. For people not a fan of the spiders, they will be relieved to know that they are usually happily weaving their webs or sitting on tree-trunks out of range. Most of these animals only come out at night and therefore are generally unseen by most people.

Other animals that can be seen on a Let’s Go Buggin Night Walk include Micro-bats, Papuan frogmouth birds, Striped possums, Speckled flying foxes, Cicadas, Crickets, Longicorn beetles and even Pademelons and Echidnas.

The tours offer a great opportunity for photographers who would love to just ‘go-to’ that spot to capture amazing photographs of some nocturnal critters.

Tours run Wednesdays at 7pm (limited spaces). Professional photography equipment is not required (however we do offer a hire service), and tour participants can capture amazing shots using a smartphone.

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