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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I promote my Events on Cairns

Cairns Events is managed by Local Tourism Network. You need to to register your business with Local Tourism Network to be able to publish events.

How Much does it cost?

Publishing your events on Cairns is free when your business has a paid membership with Local Tourism Network

A paid membership with Local Tourism Network is a flat $55 per month. there are no additional costs to publish events.

Businesses registered with Local Tourism Network are able to post significant events to Cairns at no additional cost.

How Many Events can I Publish?

As many as you like. As long as they are open to the public, significant and meet our criteria.

Can I easily publish Recurring Events?

Yes, Recurring events are easily managed within your Local Tourism Network login.

What type of events are approved?

Any significant public events that would be of interest to visitors to our region.

Live Performances, Wine tasting, Theatre, Markets, Community, Cultural & Sporting Events. If the event generally appeals to the public it will generally be approved.

What about Not for Profit & Free Community Events?

No problemo! Local Tourism Network is free for Not for Profit organisations.


Please contact Rebecca Kelly via phone or email for more info:
Sales: 07 4040 2177


Info On Local Tourism Network

What is the Local Tourism Network?

The Local Tourism Network was developed to give the North Queensland Tourism Industry a central Internet presence and marketing tool.

How much does it cost?

It is free for your company to become a member of the Local Tourism Network. The only requirements are that you have a valid ABN and be involved in the North Queensland Tourism Industry. It costs as little as $55per month to give your company additional exposure on The Local Tourism Network.

What are the benefits for free members?

Currently Free Members only appear in the New Members Column on the front page, below the premium listings on category pages and in the search results under the paid members.

What's the difference between Free & Paid listings

There are a lot.. Paid members have access to exposure on Cairns Events, Local Tourism Deals, Public Specials Front Page Features Video Pages and many more areas. Paid members in general get more exposure and access to more marketing tools.  

Local, Domestic & International Internet Marketing:

By listing your product / service on the Local Tourism Network you are marketing to the Local Tourism Industry and Residents of North Queensland (through our Local Tourism Deals login) as well as the International & Domestic visitors to our region.