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Botanical Connections | Botanical Drawing Workshop with Julie McEnerny



Started: 21 Mar 2019 18:30
Finished: 21 Mar 2019 20:00

Join us for an evening of art making and conversation.

After turning her art and illustration career towards botanical drawing in 2009, Julie developed a heightened sense of respect and admiration for the plants themselves. The recent shift in scientific research reflecting plant intelligence has led her to redefine her methodology and the importance of her work.


Five annual residencies and exhibitions with the Cairns Botanic Gardens and Tanks Arts Centre followed by a national touring exhibition created a base for the next phase of her art practice.

“So much is revealed by simply looking and listening that we may not realise there is a non-verbal communication taking place”

"In this workshop we’ll discuss the fundamental relationships we have with plants. We look at what precedes a botanical drawing and where it can lead us in our relationship to plants. We will discover how mindful and deeply sensitive observational drawing can lead to a highly perceptive response as opposed to a mere representation. By connecting with the sample plants, through the medium of graphite on paper, you will experience the ease with which they translate to the 2D plane. Your own unique way of seeing will be enhanced by the experience and your admiration of plants elevated to another level".

Materials supplied: Plant material, pencil sharpeners & erasers

Participants are requested to bring: Favourite HB & 2B pencil, sketchbook (any size) or copy paper

Please arrive at 6:15pm to settle in.


Complimentary beverages and snacks are provided for participants. Sponsored by The Wine Tradition.

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