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Piano in Paradise


Started: 24 Apr 2019 18:30
Finished: 15 Jun 2019 10:00


ONLY $500 includes keyboard, stand and stool hire, course materials and 8x 1 hour group music tuition! SAVE $150

Welcome to Piano in Paradise, a group beginner piano short course for adults, with a twist, where the focus is on fun, friendship and a love of music!
Piano in Paradise is a new, fun and informal way of learning basic piano over an 8 week short course.​

We are having an early bird specials . SAVE $150!

Piano in Paradise aims to teach budding adult pianists how to play songs! 

The simplified program is specifically aimed at teaching you enough to read a basic melody, understand basic rhythm and timing, learning enough music theory to give you the foundations without getting bogged down in it and playing songs.​

The advantage of this program is that all instruments, equipment and music are included in the course price! ​

You do not have to go out and buy a keyboard or invest months of your time to be able to learn to play music. Piano in Paradise has been designed to introduce people who have been curious about learning the piano by creating a cost and time effective solution, with the ultimate outcome being that you will be able to play songs by the end of 8 weeks. ​

  • WHEN: Wednesday evenings, starting 24 April - 12 June 2019 or Saturday mornings, starting 27 April - 15 June 2019

  • TIMES: Wednesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Saturdays 9am - 10am

  • VENUE: Tank 4

  • COST: $650 for the 8 week course. Includes keyboard, stand and stool hire, course materials and 8x 1 hour group music tuition


  • Yamaha NP32 Keyboard for your use for the duration of the course. This is a 76 note keyboard that you are able to take home and use to practice on. 

  • Portable keyboard stand

  • Portable piano stool

  • Piano in Paradise basic music theory handbook

  • 20 piano pieces specially simplified for beginner learning from a range of artist from Elvis Presley to Ed Sheeran

  • Chord chart booklet 

  • 8 x 1 hour group lessons in a professional music studio​

What to expect:

  • By the end of the 8 week course you will be able to read music at a beginner level in the treble clef which is most commonly used for the melody of the music and played with your right hand

  • Have a basic understanding of rhythm and timing for a piece of music

  • Know how to add a base line to a piece of music with your left hand

  • Be able to play any of the 20 pieces in the course material (depending of course on how much home practice you do!)

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